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Welcome to the online store of Waldorf in the Home, a weblog offering articles on parenting and Waldorf education by a wide range of nationally-known authors. This online store is your source for an extensive list of recordings (both audio and video) of keynote addresses and workshops from Waldorf in the Home and other conferences produced by Informed Family Life. Rahima Baldwin Dancy, early childhood educator and author of You Are Your Child's First Teacher, is the executive director and conference organizer.

Please view this site on a computer or tablet (landscape view only), as it is not well-formatted for cellphones.  Look at the many categories in the menu on the left and browse our 100+ offerings. Unfortunately, the categories are not visible on cellphones. 

Our topics include Family Life, Authority, Rhythm and Discipline, Waldorf Education and Waldorf Home Schooling, Mothering and Spirituality, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and more. See our Category Index at the left for a complete listing.

All our Audio and Video recordings are now available for DOWNLOAD for immediate delivery with no shipping/handling charges. We have discontinued shipping CD's and DVD's.