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My work as a childbirth and parenting educator began in 1979 with the founding of Informed Homebirth and the development of childbirth educator and birth assistant training programs. During those year I wrote Special Delivery and Pregnant Feelings, published by Celestial Arts and soon to available again as e-books. During those years I also became a homebirth midwife and co-founded The Birth Center in Dearborn, Michigan, with Valerie El Halta.

Children and Teens

What an incredible range of topics the school-age child and adolescent explore—and bring to us to explore. To get a feeling for the big picture, join master Waldorf educator Jack Petrash in “Navigating the Terrain of Childhood” from early childhood through the teenage years. Jack compares the journey to a cross-country road trip and offers plenty of signposts and sage advice in his book and the accompanying lecture. The teen years are further explored by William Bento in “Adolescence: A Grail Journey of the Hearth.”

Early Childhood

Young children learn primarily through movement and play. They’re not just little adults! When we understand child development and can surround young children with rhythm and realistic expectations, they blossom and grow through the warmth of our love. The insights from Waldorf education and LifeWays can transform being at home with children. You Are Your Child’s First Teacher.

Understanding Waldorf

Although Waldorf education was developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany, it is truly “education for the future” and has become largest private school movement in the world. To learn more about this forward-looking approach that comes out of a profound understanding of the developing child, see my talk and illustrated article on “The Wisdom of Waldorf: Educating for the Future” or the presentations by Daena Ross on how the Waldorf curriculum meets the needs of the growing child.

We also offer “The Waldorf Experience,” a collection of five videos professionally produced at a Waldorf school that address many of the questions parents have about Waldorf education and the understanding of human development that lies behind it.

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